Panda Global Staff

Panda Global Staff


Panda Global's Hardworking Staff. They move behind the scenes to give fans the greatest esports experience possible!


  • Mashumar0

    David Wu

    A lifelong competitor with a passion for video games, David has seen success as a world class RTS and MOBA player. Including being the #1 ranked player in Warcraft 3 and Dungeon Fighter Online ladders, #69 in League of Legends Season 1, and reaching Challenger in League of legends. Armed with a Master's in Accounting from University of Michigan's Ross school of Business, David spent time at Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, and marketing for clients such as the NFL. As a co-founder of Panda Global, David brings over 15 years of experience in esports to help create viable careers choices for players and pave the way for the future of esports....Read More

  • SamuraiPanda

    Alan Bunney M.D.

    After years of organizing, competing, and commentating Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Dr. Bunney left behind the fledgling esports scene to pursue his medical education. During which he remained highly ranked and regarded in League of Legends, Smash Brawl, and Smash for Wii U as his gamer-tag "SamuraiPanda". In 2015, after seeing many of his friends mistreated by esports teams and organizations, Alan decided to co-found Panda Global to change the way players are treated and move the esports industry forward....Read More

  • Bear

    Bassem Dahdouh

    Bassem is Panda Global's Tournament Organizer and a UNLV alumni with a Master's in Marketing. Having worked with Fortune 500 brands in the past, he is an expert in the field of social media and event organization. Bear is also regarded as the premier Tournament Organizer for Smash for Wii U, having run successful biweekly series, monthly series, Major events, and Super Major events....Read More

  • KTH

    Keith Jackson

    Keith is Panda Global's lead graphics artist and project manager for PG's creative team. He is adept in all media forms including digital graphics, 3D modeling, and film....Read More

  • Wolfiisaur

    Alexandra McDonald

    Alexandra is a 16 year old cartoonist and illustrator. With a huge art portfolio including the box art for 2016 indie game standout Rivals of Aether, she boasts an impressive resume for someone of her age. With her unique style and vibrant imagination, Wolfiisaur will be chronicling the adventures of Panda Global in a fully paneled comic strip....Read More

  • Jennalore

    Jenna Lorraine

    Jenna is a writer, blogger, and reporter who just so happens to be Panda Global's esports correspondent. ...Read More

  • Alpharad

    Jacob Rabon

    Alpharad is a full time content creator for YouTube and Twitch. His YouTube channel has accumulated well over 100,000,000 views and more than 370,000 subscribers!...Read More