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Tue 2nd Feb 2016 - 7:39pm : General

Panda Global is but a cub, only eight months old. While our real life counterparts would have only just begun walking and eating bamboo, in the world of eSports our organization has been growing with leaps and bounds. We have shown we can compete with the very best and have had many great accomplishments during this time.


We are the only team around to not only have players in Melee and Smash 4, but a commentator and Tournament Organizer as well. Our Heroes of the Storm team is one of the best in North America and Bkid has joined the roster. Out Splatoon team keep competing and making great content on Youtube as well as on streams, and with Street Fighter V coming out Filipino Champ and Coach Steve are both preparing for its future. So how did we get to where we are today? Let’s take a look at the last eight months for Panda Global.


It all started with a dream: to make a team that didn’t treat players like commodities like other teams were, but to treat players like the true athletes they are so they could get what they deserved from a sponsorship. Alan "SamuraiPanda" Bunney and David "Mashumaro" Wu came together with an impressive starting roster of ESAM, MVD, SS, and Filipino Champ.


Things didn’t start slowly either. ESAM would immediately take 5th at CEO 2015 and Plup would soon after join the roster to make the team truly ready for Evo 2015, right around two months after the team had just begun and already Panda Global began to shine.


SS would make a deep run into the bracket until tragically having to face fellow teamate ESAM and end up placing 9th. ESAM continued on as well, placing 7th at the largest Smash 4 event to date. Plup would not disappoint either, defeating Leffen and stopping Mang0 from 3-peating Evo before taking an impressive 4th place finish.


The momentum didn’t stop here, Panda Global then signed Heroes of the Storm team The PLEYZ, a relatively new roster that would go on to place 3rd in the WCA Americas Qualifiers. Super Smash Con would be another opportunity for Panda Global to show what its Smash players could do. MVD placed 5th in Brawl and 9th in Smash 4 and ESAM would place 2nd in Brawl and managed to double eliminate Nairo while bringing ZeRo, at that tie undefeated, close to losing his streak in one of the most hype sets at the event.


September rolled in and with it a new team to join the roster: The Squids Next Door. They came out of the gates splatting, placing 5th at Back To SCL and 9th at SCL supreme, all in one month. The Heroes of the Storm team were recognized as one of the top 8 teams in North America and soon after qualified for the ESL Major League Playoffs.


The Smash team was no less busy. ESAM would take 13th at Paragon Los Angeles while MVD would come home with an impressive 3rd. Plup held down Melee for the Panda crew finishing 9th at the event.


October rolled in and the Smash team prepared for The Big House 5. Plup brought home another victory for Panda Melee at 13th, and ESAM barely missed top 8 at 9th place. He would keep up the momentum going to MLG World Finals 2015 later in the month and placing 3rd. The Splatoon team also had a good month placing 9th at SCL Supreme. When’s Mahvel? When Fillipino Champ SAYS there’s Mahvel as he entered SoCal Regionals and brought home a dominant 1st place finish.


November started with a bang, adding famed Ice Climbers main Wobbles to the already impressive Smash roster. The Squids Next Door showed their colors again bringing home 5th in the Calamari Cup. SS headed out to the iBuyPower Smash event and brought home 7th and Plup would take 4th place twice, once at Smash Summit, the other all the way in Norway at Eclipse. Plup would stay in Europe for its largest Melee event to date, Dreamhack Winter 2015 and managed to take on their best players to take a 3rd place finish. Panda Global also had another roster change, welcoming the Kappa Wolves as their new Heroes of the Storm Team.


While not on the competitive side of things, KTH got a warm welcome to the Panda Global crew to improve our graphic designs. Coach Steve had a great month, bringing home a 4th place finish in Street Fighter 4 at NEC 16. Wobbles held it down for Melee bringing home 1st place at Forte 3 and ESAM went all the way to Hawaii to take his own 1st at Hot Import Nights Tournament #4.  


Now it is January, and even here we have yet to slow down. The Squids Next Door have already taken 9th at SCL 9 and 4th at SCL 10. At Heroes Rising our HotS team was one of the first four teams invited out of ten, and we showed how we earned that invitation. ESAM had a tournament named in his honor as he came to fight the folks in California and came home with a 5th place finish.


But by far the biggest moment to start off the year was Genesis 3. The entire Smash roster for the team competed and Bear, Panda Global’s sponsored tournament organizer, was even running the event. Our big placements on the Smash 4 side included MVD bringing home 33rd and ESAM taking home 13th. Plup had a fine showing as well just barely missing the main stage on Sunday with a solid 9th place finish.

These are just some of the accomplishments Panda Global has made within its first 6 months as an eSports organization. As we pull into February we have even more amazing events and players competing on the horizon. We only expect to continue dominating the battlefields we compete in going into the future, and hope to see all of our fans stay along with us for the ride.



David Wu

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