EndGame, Summer Jam & Pokémon Worlds 2016

Fri 26th Aug 2016 - 7:22am : Gaming

EndGame, Summer Jam & Pokémon Worlds 2016

Across the country, our Pandas were hard at work this past weekend (Aug 20-21) as three separate tournaments called them to attention. Trela attended EndGame in Chicago, while RayRay headed over to Philadelphia for Summer Jam, and Coach Steve took part in the international Pokémon Worlds tournament in San Francisco.


Trela joined forces with Mew2King for the Wii U doubles tournament, and together the pair conquered the Top 16 bracket until coming up against Ally and ZeRo in Grand Finals.

Despite their prior experience as a team in Brawl, our Panda-M2K duo struggled versus the finely tuned machine that was Ally/ZeRo. A close first set ended in Ally/ZeRo resetting the bracket with a 3-2 win.

With Ally and ZeRo coming off an 8-set win streak, it would take a lot on our team’s part to stop that momentum. While they ultimately lost -- sliding into second place after being bested 1-3 in the final set -- Trela and M2K were formidable opponents but simply lacked the synergy of Ally/ZeRo.

Summer Jam

RayRay was the sole Panda who made it out to Summer Jam, competing in both Street Fighter V (17th) and Marvel.

Entering the Marvel Top 8 on the Winner’s side, Rayray fell to Cosmos in round 2. Unruffled, our Panda rose up through the Loser’s bracket, beating both Flux and KBrad 3-0 and coming back to the Grand Finals for a rematch with Cosmos.

RayRay’s second confrontation with Cosmos went much the same as the first -- notably using the same team he employed at DTN when he lost to Chris G under similar circumstances. Nonetheless, walking away with 2nd  place was no small feat and we commend his performance.

Pokémon Worlds

For the first time ever, Pokkén Tournament was featured at the illustrious event, which brought together Pokémon players from around the world - among them our very own Coach Steve

Honored to be one of the 64 top international players invited, Coach’s time in San Fran was a memorable one - despite only placing 17th in the tournament after losing to two highly skilled players from Japan. He is already looking forward to the next season.

Coach also participated in the 5v5 Crew Battle between the USA and Europe. He was the first one up for team USA, taking 4 games off his adversaries before getting knocked down. In turn, EU took 4 games for themselves, and the match was decided when Catfight won final game for team USA.

Look Out

This weekend (26-28) our Smasher Pandas can once again be found in the windy city for Shine. Meanwhile, Scar and Filipino Champ are heading over to Dallas to compete at Absolute Battle in Mortal Kombat X and Street Fighter V.



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