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The Panda Global Rankings are finally live! #PGR represents the efforts of our #PGstats team, @PG_Zan @PG_Suar and @PG_Dom, to discover the top 50 Smash 4 players in the world. We discuss how this was done in the Methods and the FAQ sections. Each image was made by @PG_KTH and blurbs by aspiring writers from the community. If you have trouble reading this, we have a backup imgur album

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X-factor explained: A player’s #PGR is a purely based on tournament placings and set counts. Our team of 48 panelists from around the world (listed in methods) also ranked the players according to personal opinion creating a subjective list. The X-factor is the difference between the final spot on the #PGR and panelist ranking. A +3 X-factor means the panelists ranked a player 3 spots higher than they ended on the #PGR while a -2 means they were 2 spots lower on the panelist ranking. An X-factor of 0 means both the panelist ranking and the #PGR were the same!


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Jason “ANTi” Bates starts off the list of the top 10 Smash 4 players with a bang. Controversial, extremely entertaining, and undoubtedly one of the most varied players on the top 10, ANTi always gets the audience excited when he enters tournaments. ANTi’s incredibly technical technical Mario is his mainstay but he can take wins off of top players with his pocket Zero Suit Samus and Sheik on any given day. Not only that but he’s even contributed several metagame advancements to Wii Fit Trainer, because ANTi is skilled with whatever character he tries at that moment. ANTi’s Mario can string combos together seamlessly and come back from astronomical percent deficits like in his match with ZeRo in The Big House 5, where ANTi placed 4th. His tournament placings are remarkable with his lowest placing to date being 13th at CEO 2015. And alongside those consistent results, he’s faced off against many great players and walked away with wins from people like Nairo, Dabuz, Abandango, and Ally. ANTi is without a doubt one of the best players in the world. 

- Lyle "Dozer" Jorgenson, @DozerZigashi  


The uncontested best Villager player in the world and one of the biggest single sources of hype that Smash 4 has yet to encounter, Ryuto "Ranai" Hayashi broke out into the public eye after his magnificent performance at KSB 2015, where he took 1st place over a multitude of top Japanese players, storming back from an early Loser's bracket sendoff. From that moment began his reign of terror in Japan that lasted for almost the rest of 2015, and it seemed as though everyone wanted to see this unorthodox character specialist compete with the best the US has to offer. After clutching out the crew battle for Japan over USA, taking 2 of Ally's stocks and 3 of Nairo's whilst only losing 1 of his, he fell relatively early at only finished 13th at Umebura FAT. When he finally got his time to redeem himself in a bracket full of American talent, however, he met all expectations set for him, finishing 3rd at Genesis 3, losing only to ZeRo and Dabuz, and taking down an impressive list of players in bracket along the way. He and a few other Japanese players returned to the states again in March 2016 for Shots Fired 2, but Ranai underperformed there, losing to Tweek to start off the final bracket, then falling to 9B in Loser's bracket for a 9th place finish. With him living in Japan and only coming to the states twice, his opportunities to play against the other top players is limited, and as a result his placing may have suffered a bit as his only wins vs other top players happens to be Abadango and Ally, but make no mistake. He is one of the most dangerous players on the planet, and will only continue to prove this as time goes on.

- Dominique "Dom" Moore, @PG_Dom 



Heading in from the waves of Kapolei, Hawaii but now currently residing in Southern California we have James “VoiD” Makekau-Tyson. Known for his flawless needle combos and his cool, calm, yet assertive Sheik play style that makes him stand out from the rest. VoiD rarely drops his combos and he furthers the acupuncture metagame whenever he takes to the controller. VoiD’s young age and explosive growth means that many place him as one of the players on this list with the highest potential in the future. VoiD’s fluid Sheik and rate of improvement make a fearsome combo with plenty of eyes on where he can go from here. Despite his X-factor of -2, VoiD has taken sets from Mr R, Ally, Larry Lurr, and has some amazing placings under his belt like his 5th at Pound and 4th at Genesis landing him at #8 in the world

- Dallas Jackson, @JK_Dallas




Found at the top of the SoCal power rankings for Smash 4, Larry “Larry Lurr” Holland is a player who is always mentioned when talking about the best of the best. Not only is Larry one of the most consistent players in Smash 4, he is also a tournament veteran across multiple Smash titles. With experience at top level play throughout different Smash games, Larry has been able to craft an impeccable play style with his Fox that instills fear into his opponents as they recognize him for being the best Fox in the world. Larry optimizes his aggressive play style with his technical prowess, adding in perfect pivots between his up tilts to maximize his combos and flair. While chasing down other players with up airs, up smashes, and back airs, Larry makes his presence known during matches by allowing his opponents little to no room to breathe. With his extensive knowledge of the game Larry has had consistent placings such as 4th at CEO 2015, 7th at Genesis 3, and 7th at Pound. With his overwhelming neutral game and strong mindset, Larry has found a home in the upper echelons of Smash 4, sitting at #7 on the PGR without looking to move down any time soon.

- Miguel "Vump" Aparicio, @VumpWasTaken 



A veteran to the smash scene, Elliot “Ally” Bastien has been around since the Brawl days, where he was one of the best Snakes in the world. And while Snake is absent from the newest entry of the Smash series, Ally doesn’t stop showing his prowess. Considered to be the best Mario main in the world, Ally’s playstyle is overflowing with unpredictability. He became quite famous for his unconventional use of the Up smash, often doing (and missing) five in a row, only to KO his opponent with the sixth one. To complement his defensive play, he also has a strong combo game and unbelievable DI, often surviving way past 150%. Ally has showcased strong tournament placings throughout his career. Despite placing 13th at Apex 2015 and The Big House 5, he’s got more impressive wins up his sleeve, mainly 5th place at EVO 2015 and 4th at Paragon L.A. He had his biggest breakthrough at Pound 2016, where he placed 2nd. After losing to Void, Ally tore through the loser’s bracket, defeating ESAM, LarryLur, Tweek, Mr. R and Marss, before finally losing to Abadango. Ally continues to impress, getting better and better as time goes on. He’s slowly climbing up on the rankings, and maybe his first major tournament win is not as far as one may think. 

- Alberto "RedNova" Vasquez, @_RedNova 



Yuta “Abadango” Kawamura stands tall as one of the most recognizable Japanese Smash 4 players in the world. With his unconventional yet powerful Pac-Man/Wario combo he placed 7th at EVO, then jumping to a phenomenal Metaknight landing 4th at Big House 5, he has finally landed on a character that he took all the way to 1st place at Pound 2016: Mewtwo. Abadango has continued to wow the crowd with a brilliant display of skill since the game's release, traveling to tournaments around the world to prove his acumen. Not only do his innumerable top 8 placings speak to his skill, but his wins against Nairo, Ally, Dabuz, and Void show that he’s a contender to rise in the rankings even higher than 5th despite his X-factor of -1. Abadango does, however, have an achilles heel in Mr R who is 5-0 against him as of this writing. Nobody knows how far Abadango can take Mewtwo’s metagame, but everyone is eager to watch where he goes from here. 

- @A10theHero 



Ramin “Mr. R” Delshad, the Netherlands' Treasure and Europe's most formidable Sheikah lands 4th with an impressive competitive track record and experience that extends well into the Brawl days. Hailing from Mahabad, Iran, Mr. R moved to the Netherlands at an early age. There, he would eventually become a Brawl legend, pioneering the Hero King himself, Marth. Applying his offensive flair to Smash 4, he immediately chose Sheik -- as early as the 2nd week following the 3DS release. Since, some of his most impressive wins include Japan's best, such as Abadango, and North America's elite such as Nairo, Dabuz, Larry Lurr, VoiD, and ANTi. With impressive showings at EVO 2015 (2nd), B.E.A.S.T. 6 (1st), and Outfoxx’d (1st) to name a few, Mr. R has solidified himself as an indisputable international threat and embodies a competitive tenacity many across the world deeply admire.

- Luis "Suar" Suarez, @PG_Suar 


Samuel Robert “Dabuz” Buzby has been a Rosaluma main from the very beginning and stuck with this new character to the Smash series even until today. Dabuz resides in Nesconset, New York and is undoubtedly the best Rosaluma player in the world right now. During his journey with this game, he won Nintendo of America National Open Tournament, then went on to place second at Apex 2015, Paragon Los Angeles and most recently Genesis 3. Shifting from a defensive and deliberate playstyle to a slightly more aggressive stragetgy recently, Dabuz has shown he can adapt with the metagame to stay relevant no matter the challenge. As the top free agent in the world, this former Olimar main is a dominant force in Smash 4 with no end to his strong placings in sight. The Smash 4 competitive landscape will shift when Dabuz is able to travel more often to tournaments around the country.

- @LayZBluJay




One of the game's most notable players, Nairoby "Nairo" Quezada of Team Liquid lands himself at #2 on the PGR. Hailing from New Jersey, his near-reckless brand of offense is unrivaled and has defined his gameplay since the Brawl days, leading him to wild amounts of success in both titles. Starting off with his unique core of Robin and Dark Pit in the game's early meta, he managed to nab 9th place at Apex 2015. When he slowly transitioned over to Zero Suit Samus, his results started to shoot up almost instantly finishing in the Top 3 of every national level or greater tournament he attended from CEO 2015 to Genesis 3, including 1st place finishes at Paragon LA 2015 and MLG World Finals, the latter of which being where he shocked the world by beating ESAM with Dr. Mario and taking Grand Finals over ZeRo. While his placings fell off slightly to start 2016 with 5th at Genesis 3 and a startling 49th at Pound 2016, his list of accomplishments up to this point have more than solidified himself as the 2nd best player in the world thus far.

- Dominique "Dom" Moore, @PG_Dom



A lot of people have been wondering where Gonzalo "ZeRo" Barrios would land on this list, but he is without a doubt the top Smash 4 player on the PGR. ZeRo began his journey in Chile as a lone smasher, and trekked across America before landing in Los Angeles, California brandishing the logo of Team Solomid on his chest. From the beginning of Smash 4's release, ZeRo won a record amount of 55 consecutive tournament wins including nationals such as Apex 2015, CEO 2015, EVO 2015, Super Smash Con, and The Big House 5. ZeRo's reign lasted until MLG World Finals 2015 where he battled his way to a Grand Final reset and finished 2nd to Nairo. Many questioned if he would be able to comeback after the loss of the winning streak, but that was only a blip on the radar to ZeRo. He went on to win E2C 19 & 20, Tipped Off 11, iBUYPOWER, Northwest Majors: Drop Zone, 2GGT: Fatality Saga, ESAM Saga, & EE Saga, GENESIS 3, and PAX Arena at PAX East right after that single loss. Recently, ZeRo has been on a tournament hiatus due to a finger injury and fans are eager to see his return on the grand stage. His X-factor of 0 reflects that every panelist from regions around the globe agree that without a doubt, ZeRo currently is the best Smash 4 player in the world.

- Bassem “PG Bear” Dahdouh, @BearUNLV






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