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Mon 23rd May 2016 - 3:47pm : Gaming

The Panda Global Rankings are finally live! #PGR represents the efforts of our #PGstats team, @PG_Zan @PG_Suar and @PG_Dom, to discover the top 50 Smash 4 players in the world. We discuss how this was done in the Methods and the FAQ sections. Each image was made by @PG_KTH and blurbs by aspiring writers from the community. If you have trouble reading this, we have a backup imgur album

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X-factor explained: A player’s #PGR is a purely based on tournament placings and set counts. Our team of 48 panelists from around the world (listed in methods) also ranked the players according to personal opinion creating a subjective list. The X-factor is the difference between the final spot on the #PGR and panelist ranking. A +3 X-factor means the panelists ranked a player 3 spots higher than they ended on the #PGR while a -2 means they were 2 spots lower on the panelist ranking. An X-factor of 0 means both the panelist ranking and the #PGR were the same!




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Marcus “Pink Fresh” Wilson is most known for his work in Brawl and Project M, where he was a constant contender for the title of "Best Lucas in the World," but with Smash 4's release he has been silently vying for a top player spot. Using Peach and Pit in the early days, he reached 49th place at Apex 2015 and CEO 2015. With the release of Lucas, he started to up his resume, improving to 33rd at Paragon LA 2015, but the large jump in success came in 2016 when the Umbra Witch was downloadable. Pink Fresh clicked with Bayonetta almost instantly, becoming #1 on MD/VA's Power Rankings and taking sets off Mr. R, Hyuga, Tyrant, and MVD; wrapping up his recent successes with a 7th place finish at Pound 2016. While his profile was nothing too impressive early on, he’s certainly risen a few tiers since then, and is on the verge of becoming a national-level threat.

- Dominique “Dom” Moore, @PG_Dom 




Jacob “Slayerz” Diaz is the one of the best Peach players in the world and any time his Peach shows up to tournaments, it does exactly what his name says and slays the opponent. Best known for his extremely technical peach and his amazing ability to adapt quickly in high pressure situations, the young man has been around since the brawl days tearing up the scene online and offline with the princess. After building up his name in the Smash 4 scene placing in top 10 at Paragon and top 20 at Genesis 3, Slayerz ranks in on our list at Twenty Nine.

- Dallas Preston, @JK_dallas 




Echo Fox and MVG's Jason “Mew2King” Zimmerman is perhaps the most famous Smash player in the world and a top competitor in every major title. MVG’s crown jewel had some difficulty at first with finding his main, bouncing from character to character that were nerfed, until finally landing on Cloud. Don’t let his placing fool you, M2K has the highest positive X-factor on the ranking so when he enters tournaments everyone feels he’s the biggest threat to come. Even though his main game has been Melee as of late, nobody underestimates this man’s prowess in Smash 4 and he’s considered one of the favorites to hit Top 8 at any tournament he enters.

- @LayZBluJay  




Even though he may get angry when he loses, don’t worry folks Shawn “K9” Bruce is actually one of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. Known for his peculiar yet crisp Sheik play style and his ability to empower himself with demonic energy while playing. Not literally of course but while playing K9 reaches levels of focus unimaginable which comes out in his gameplay, focusing in on getting hits where he can. Representing not only California but also Arizona the man is imbued with west coast energy. The young man has been playing since the brawl days and has grinded effortlessly at his craft and he won’t stop, nor get a girlfriend, until he’s the King of Smash. Taking a whopping 13th place at Pound 2016 in Smash 4 it’s safe to say the demon is here to stay, K9 ranks in on the PGR at Twenty Seven.

- Dallas Prestin, @JK_dallas 





DetonationGG's Tetsuhisa “Rain” Kosaka is a player hailing from Japan who uses both Sheik and Cloud, but many know him as the best Sheik player in the land of the rising sun. He is popular for his ability to download his opponent’s fight styles and habits, exploiting them in ways that only he can. Rain has impressive placings in some recent tournaments such as Genesis 3 at 25th, and had a jaw-dropping performance at EVO with his 9th place finish. Rain has some occasional slumps but it’s mostly his inability to travel often to the largest tournaments is what hinders his placing in the ranking.

- @LayZBluJay 




When Ryu joined the roster, Alberto “Trela” Miliziano began his fights from the streets. This Texas Ryu main plays the character as creatively as he can, elevating Ryu’s metagame to new heights. His combo game is strong and has earned himself first place at the 2GGT: Fresh Saga using the mighty Shoryuken at his disposal. Trela often utilizes Ryu’s aerials to lead his opponents to a spike by down air in a crowd pleasing finish. Many consider Trela one of, if not the, best solo Ryu mains in the world for good reason.

- Jarrod Dyer, @hadron85




Smash Factor's Cristian “Hyuga” Medina is one of the most renowned players from Mexico who captured the heart of the Smash 4 scene with his Toon Link. Don’t let the cartoonish appearance of his main fool you, when Hyuga picks up the controller he’s not messing around. He is a defensive player that expertly uses Toon Link’s bombs and range to set up traps for his opponents, Hyuga is without a doubt the best Toon Link that Smash 4 has to offer. He can boast about his 9th places at Genesis 3 and Pound 2016, and sets off of incredible players like Nairo, ANTi, Vinnie, 6WX, and Leo.

- Lyle "Dozer" Jorgenson, @DozerZigashi 





Going into the summer of Smash, Julian “Zinoto” Carrington has established himself as a competitor not to be trifled with. With recent wins over Abadango, Ally, Mew2King, Vinnie, and VoiD, the Diddy Kong main has not only cemented himself as the best player in the Midwest, but also as a top threat at any given event. One of the biggest keys to his success is the attitude he brings to competition; Zinoto never hesitates to help his opponents improve so that he may face a higher level of resistance. This mindset has allowed him to burst forward onto another level of skill with remarkable swiftness. Though he has been held back by his inability to travel, that looks to change with his home state of Michigan uniting to support his aspiration to be the best of the best.

- Kyle "BOT | Nightwing" Weis, @nightwing2024





Considered by many to be the best Meta Knight main in the United States, Eric “Tyrant” Legesse has also proven himself to be one of the best players in and outside of SoCal. Known for his skill and capability in previous Smash titles, Tyrant continues to show himself as a threat in top level play with placings like 17th at EVO, 9th at Paragon Los Angeles 2015, and 5th at LVL UP EXPO 2016. Even with the changes that have come to Meta Knight over multiple patches, Tyrant has been loyal to his character and has continued to push the metagame. A couple bumps in the road were not enough to stop Tyrant’s aggressive flashy playstyle and they were definitely not enough to stop him from doing well in the tournaments he entered, so expect to see more from the best Meta Knight in 2016.

- Miguel "Vump" Aparicio, @ VumpWasTaken 





Jestise “MVD” Negron is perhaps the most controversial player on the #PGR, and before you scream “bias” take a second to look at MVD’s rankings. Panda Global’s own MVD has had a tumultuous record over Smash 4’s history, starting off strong before waning and has been on the rise again as of late. Double and triple checking our math, MVD correctly landed in this spot due to his combination of early high placings and being one of two players on this list with a perfect attendance record at every Smash 4 major (even Europe’s!). But MVD’s X-factor is the highest negative X-factor in the #PGR, reflecting that the panelists don’t agree that MVD is having a comeback and think he’s still stuck in his slump. On top of that, MVD’s ratings had the highest standard deviation of the list as well meaning even the panelists weren’t sure how to rate him (most rated him either very high or very low). But despite all the noise surrounding him, MVD is still only out to prove that he’s a top player to just one person: Himself.

- Alan “SamuraiPanda” Bunney MD, @PandaGlobalPG (or @PG_SamuraiPanda)






Alan Bunney M.D.

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