MKX Panda Global Rankings #15-11

Sat 13th May 2017 - 6:03pm

The Mortal Kombat X Panda Global Rankings


#MKXPGR represents the efforts of our @ThePGstats team: Suar, Zan, Dom, PracticalTAS, Juddy96, Giant, Fyazko, Spike, Mayday, and Popi. 

If you'd like to know how it was created, take a look at the Methods section! Each image was made by Spike. Videos were created by Sage,narrated by Suar and Kitana Prime. Mobile users may find the imgur album easier. 

MKXPGR: 10-6




Without Further Ado,


Photo credit: @MK_Foreverking


Leading off the first ever NetherRealm Studios-based PGR, Ohio native Christian “Forever King” Quiles is known for his solid fundamentals and creative counter-pick style of play. Even though some consider Kung Lao to be his go-to character, Forever King has successfully utilized a large portion of the cast including Predator, Quan Chi, Sub Zero, and Kotal Kahn in tournament play. A trio of 7th place finishes at CEO 2016, KIT 2017, and NEC 2017 as well as a 9th place finish at Evo 2016 earned him a spot on the NRS PGR and a contract with professional esports organization Circa Esports. In contrast to his superb tournament results, Forever King hosts the worst head-to-head record versus the PGR top 15. With a strong track record in both the original Injustice Gods Among Us and Mortal Kombat X, Forever King is anticipated to find even more success in upcoming NRS title Injustice 2.

- Adam "Mayday" Braham (@PG_Mayday)


Photo credit: @tempusrob

One of the stronger players of esport organization Noble Esports’ spectacular lineup of Mortal Kombat X players, Washington’s Richard “iLuusions” Luu is a fan-favorite. Sporting perhaps the best Quan-Chi and an equally impressive Kotal Kahn, iLuusions’ high risk-high reward style of play combined with his remarkable read based gameplay makes him one of the most interesting players to watch in Mortal Kombat X. Featuring splendid tournament results throughout the past year, iLuusions peaked with a pair of 5th place finishes at Final Round 20 and Summer Jam X and a 4th place finish at KIT 2017. Offsetting his superb performances at major events, iLuusions hosted one of the most negative head-to-head set records against the rest of the PGR top 15 players. With the focus switching from Mortal Kombat X to Injustice 2, iLuusions’ transition into Injustice 2 will be extremely compelling to watch.

- Adam "Mayday" Braham (@PG_Mayday)


Photo credit: @ESLMortalKombat

Known for his mastery of the duo character Ferra/Torr, Canada’s Matthew “Biohazard” Commandeur is one of the most dangerous players in Mortal Kombat X. Ferra/Torr’s extreme damage output heavily compliments Biohazard’s fluid and high momentum-based style of play. Biohazard’s ability to extend positive situations and maximize damage output can turn one small mistake from his opponent into a quick round win. Biohazard’s strongest placements this year comes from a trio of 9th place finishes at Evo 2016, Combo Breaker 2016, and KIT 2017 and a 5th place finish at SoCal Regionals 2016. With his previous accomplishments in Injustice Gods Among Us and current accomplishments in Mortal Kombat X, Biohazard is looking to bring even more success to both him and his team, Critical Reaction, with the launch of Injustice 2.

- Adam "Mayday" Braham (@PG_Mayday)


Photo credit: @tempusrob

Hailing from Pennsylvania, Ryan “SylverRye” Amaechi really matured into a top player throughout Mortal Kombat X’s competitive life cycle. Known for his mastery of Mortal Kombat-series cornerstone character Liu Kang, SylverRye features a very refined aggressive style of play. SylverRye’s best placements the past season included a 7th place finish at Summer Jam X, a 5th place finish at NEC 17 and an outstanding 3rd place finish at Winter Brawl XI. With strong tournament results and fantastic set wins over top players including Dragon, Hayatei, Big D, Forever King, Forever Elite and Cossner, SylverRye established himself as one of the best players over the past year. Given his strong track record with Mortal Kombat X, SylverRye is one of the most dangerous players heading into Injustice 2.

- Adam "Mayday" Braham (@PG_Mayday)


Photo credit: Killjoys

The second player sporting the Circa Esports organization brand in the NRS PGR, New York’s own Justin “Destroyer” Ortiz could very well be the best Predator player in the world. Featuring a very opportunistic style of play, Destroyer uses Predator’s strong lineup of zoning tools to open opponent’s defenses and create opportunities to deliver high amounts of damage. Destroyer’s best results at majors this year comes from NEC 17 and SoCal Regionals 16, where he placed 4th and 5th respectively. Destroyer has picked up numerous notable wins over the past year including set wins over AF0xyGrampa, Semiji and SylverRye. With his newfound success in Mortal Kombat X, Destroyer will absolutely be one of the key players to watch going forward into Injustice 2.

- Adam "Mayday" Braham (@PG_Mayday)





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