MKX PGR Methods ft. @PracticalTAS

Sat 13th May 2017 - 5:57pm

* 50% placements
* 50% matchups

* Each tournament is worth a certain amount of points, and each place at a * * * tournament is worth a certain percentage of those points
* Evo/CEO/CB are worth double the rest
* Points are awarded solely on placing
* * 1st: 100, 2nd: 75, 3rd: 60, 4th: 50, 5th: 40, 7th: 30, etc
* If a player has more than 5 results, best 5 are taken

*  Matchup matrix of each player’s wins and losses
* If fewer than two games are played between people, add partial games based on their win rate
* * We’ve played once and I won, I have 55% overall win rate, you have 45%, the sheet has me at 1.55 wins vs you and you at 0.45 wins vs me
*  This stabilizes the matrix: without it, Joe Schmo who went 1-0 vs SonicFox could get a high matchup score for only that reason
* Eigenvector calculation on the matrix (search for a “steady state”: if each player is worth X points, multiply the win matrix by X and the result is X again). X is the "strength" of each player

* Strongest player in a topic gets 100 points, weakest gets 50
* Average the two topics to get final score for each player
* Rounded to the nearest integer




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