Panda Global Rankings v2: 20-11

Wed 18th Jan 2017 - 3:30am

The Panda Global Rankings v2 from May 2016 to December 2016


#PGRv2 represents the efforts of our @ThePGstats team: Suar, Zan, Dom, Juddy96, Giant, Fyazko, Spike, Mayday, and Popi. 

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Photo credit: Houston Smash 4

PGRv1 rank: Unranked

Zack "Captain Zack" Lauth is another 2016 success story. Formerly one of North America’s premier Peach specialists, switching to Bayonetta enabled Captain Zack to improve leaps and bounds. Upon her arrival to Smash Wii U, the Umbran Witch’s in-your-face, pressure-heavy playstyle proved to be a fit for this rising star.

His story this year is not unlike that of Samsora, his fellow Louisianian. Both players from a relatively obscure region, them frequently travelling out-of-state throughout the year showed that they were not to be trifled with. At TGC 8, his first out-of-state event playing strictly Bayonetta, he defeated national-level threats such as 8BitMan and Megafox, finishing 4th overall. Not to be a one-trick pony, he followed this up with a series of strong results such as a 5th place finish at 2GGT: Abadango Saga, a 2nd place finish at Aftershock 2016 and most notably, a 7th place finish at the UGC Smash Open. It was through these events that he incurred a gargantuan portfolio of wins that includes Dabuz, Larry Lurr and Mr. E.

Like many newcomers to the latest PGRank, Captain Zack represents a younger generation of competitors with him being only 15 years of age. If his results are anything to go by, it’s that this season is but the beginning of a potentially storied career for him. In fact, we might soon see him shave ‘second’ off his ‘second-best Bayonetta’ moniker..

- Justin "Popi" Banusing (@PopiSSB)


Photo credit: SSBWiki

PGRv1 rank: Unranked

Ranked 6th in Japan, Kengo “KEN” Suguki makes his PGR debut at #19. Arguably the best solo Sonic specialist in the world, this Japanese titan plays what might be the most optimized version of the character.

Unlike his peers such as Abadango and Komorikiri, KEN’s results, while strong, are mostly domestic. In fact, his only out-of-country tournament this season was EVO 2016, where he finished in 13th place. Throughout this season, he was a regular top placer at Tokyo’s premier event series, Umebura, and gathered wins over many of the country’s best. It was at Umebura SAT in particular, the series’ second anniversary event, that he defeated American legends Dabuz and Nairo, defending his home city and taking the tournament for himself.

Given that KEN consistently performs in what is considered to be game’s most competitive and inconsistent region, it suffices to say that if given the chance, he would do well internationally.

Only time will tell as we head into the 2017 season.

- Justin "Popi" Banusing (@PopiSSB)


Photo credit: @Delta52_

PGRv1 rank: Unranked

Widely considered one of the most improved players in 2016, Eric “Mr. E” Weber makes his first appearance on the PGR. The New York native is known for being one of the original pioneers for competitive Marth play. Mr. E boasts a very strong and patient neutral game which is improved by his incredible reaction-based game play. He also has a great grasp on positioning and spacing with Marth. Enhanced by Marth’s “tipper”, Mr. E can often apply safe pressure on his opponents and occasionally take stocks at very low percents.

Mr. E found a lot of success in the PGR v2 season. His best results at premier events this season came from a 13th place finish at Evo 2016, a 9th place finish at The Big House 6 and a 5th place finish at UGC Smash Open. Mr. E has taken sets off of some of the most prestigious players this season including ZeRo, Salem, WaDi, and Marss. After defeating ZeRo at Evo 2016, the Marth main has recently developed somewhat of a rivalry with the number 1 player from the PGR v1. Earning his spot under multi-smash game organization Smash Studios, Mr. E looks to continue his growth into 2017.

- Adam "Mayday" Braham (@PG_Mayday)


Photo credit: Matt Demers via Flickr CC by 2.0

PGRv1 rank: 15

Gavin “Tweek” Dempsey is one of the most interesting gems the Smash 4 has to offer, both inside and outside of the game. In the game, he has been slowly mastering his precise rushdown playstyle, pushing his opponents to the edge and never hesitating to pull the trigger when he sees an opening with his unique core of Cloud and Bowser Jr. Outside the game, his wonky personality has endeared him to the majority, and these two aspects of his being have made him a fan favorite among spectators. Upon switching mains from Bowser Jr. to Cloud, his already respectable results shot up, and he failed to slow down moving through this past PGR season.

3rd at KTAR XVIII would be how he started the season, losing to Dabuz and Nairo. Tweek then used the momentum from this event to place 17th at CEO 2016 in the following weeks. He suffered a bit of a downfall at EVO 2016, failing to make Top 32 and getting 33rd, but he recovered quickly and grabbed 13th at Super Smash Con 2016 last August. He reciprocated his performance at The Big House 6 and 2GGT: ZeRo Saga, placing 13th at both, to finish off the Tier 1 events of the season. In Tier 2 events he has also done phenomenally, including 2nd at Collision XIV and Olympus, 3rd at Glitch 2, 5th at KTAR XIX, and 9th at Endgame. Tweek has claimed the souls of players of similar caliber of Nairo, Larry Lurr, ANTi, Salem, and Zinoto, as well as a fair number of others. Being only 18 years old, Tweek still has a very high ceiling for growth, but he has shown on multiple occasions that his floor is also sky high.

- Dominique “Dom” Moore (@PG_Dom)


Photo credit: @Delta52_

PGRv1 rank: 23

Renowned Diddy Kong player in both Brawl and Smash Wii U, Julian “Zinoto” Carrington earns his spot on the PGR for the second consecutive time. Zinoto is known for his abundant technical knowledge of his character and incredibly fluid neutral game. His impressive neutral game thrives with Diddy Kong’s quick aerials and banana-based style gameplay. Zinoto is a dominant player in the Midwest finding himself ranked 2nd in the Midwest power rankings.

Zinoto’s results at premier events this season were mostly positive. While placing just outside of top 32 at both Evo 2016 and the Big House 6, Zinoto did have a trio of 17th place finishes at Super Smash Con 2016, UGC Smash Open, and 2GGT: ZeRo Saga. His best result at a major this season indisputably comes from a 2nd place finish at CEO 2016. Marking one of the greatest bracket runs in Smash Wii U, Zinoto won sets over half of the PGR v1 top 10 - Nairo, Larry Lurr, Abadango, Dabuz and ANTi. Zinoto has proven he has the capability to push far into top 8 at tier 1 events.

- Adam "Mayday" Braham (@PG_Mayday)


Photo credit: @Delta52_

PGRv1 rank: 13

After another strong season, Tyler “Marss” Martins returns to the PGR for the second season in a row. Hailing from the New England area, the Zero Suit Samus main is known for his lightning fast, aggressive playstyle. He is often able to overwhelm his opponents with his extreme pressure and native offensive ability. Marss is currently ranked number 1 in New England in both singles and doubles. Part of self-nicknamed doubles team, “Team Yazi”, Marss partners with his static partner and older brother Pugwest. Marss’ continued success in Smash Wii U drew the attention of his current esport organization, Denial Esports.

Continuing his success from the first season, Marss had mostly positive results for the PGR v2 season with a trio of 9th place finishes at UGC Smash Open, Super Smash Con 2016, and Evo 2016 and a 2nd place finish at the national 2GGT: KTAR Saga. Marss’ best placing at a premier event came from The Big House 6 with a 7th place finish. Marss added on to his already impressive list of set wins on top players with wins over Kameme, Fatality, Mr. E, Tweek, MKLeo, Larry Lurr, and VoiD. After being right on the outside of top 10 for the second PGR in a row, Marss is hoping 2017 will finally be the year where he breaks through.

- Adam "Mayday" Braham (@PG_Mayday)


Photo credit: Robert Paul

PGRv1 rank: 9

Japanese sensation, Ryuto “Ranai” Hayashi, returns to the PGR for the second season. Undoubtedly the best Villager player in the world, Ranai boasts an extremely patient and intelligent demeanor that manifests in his play. Ranai consistently and almost single-handedly upends the public perception of Villager in Smash Wii U every time he travels to the United States. One of the most creative players in Smash Wii U, Ranai often finds unorthodox solutions to certain matchups and inventive uses of certain moves in Villager’s arsenal.

Lack of attendance and inability to travel hurt Ranai throughout the PGR v2 season. Only attending one premier tournament this season and a handful of events in Japan, he would fall outside of the top 10 for the PGR v2 season. Ranai’s only placing at a premier tournament this year was a 5th place finish at Evo 2016. The Villager player’s road to 5th place was anything but easy. Ranai took sets off top talent including Locus, Wrath, Trela, Nairo, Marss, and Dabuz before losing to VoiD in loser’s quarterfinals. Even with so few tournaments attended this season, Ranai has proven he still has the ability to compete with anyone and everyone.

- Adam "Mayday" Braham (@PG_Mayday)


Photo credit: @Delta52_

PGRv1 rank: Unranked

Brawl veteran Saleem “Salem” Akiel-Young had arguably the biggest breakout performance of this past PGR season. His spurts of inactivity turned into a consistent wave of high placings and mind-boggling wins with the release and reworking of Bayonetta. “How well would he do if he was active?” was an extremely common question surrounding Salem’s name for a long time leading into the season, and all throughout he looked someone who was hellbent on filling in the blanks.

KTAR XVIII in early June jumpstarted his run through the Summer months, as he finished 5th there. After a short leave from the public eye, he had the entire scene on the edge of their sets by almost beating ZeRo in Loser's bracket of EVO 2016, where he placed 33rd. At Collision XIV he finished the job by beating ZeRo in both Winner's AND Loser's en route to 1st at the event. At The Big House 6 he narrowly missed Top 8, placing 9th, shocking many people who marked him as the favorite to win the event. To end the season, he posted 1st at Olympus and 2nd at KTAR XVIII, as well as dual 17th places at UGC Smash Open: St. Louis and 2GGT: ZeRo Saga. Defeating players such as ZeRo, Nairo, Larry Lurr, MKLeo, Kameme, and many more to boot, it is very hard to imagine that an encore isn't in the works for Salem in the upcoming months.

- Dominique “Dom” Moore (@PG_Dom)


Photo credit: @Delta52_

PGRv1 rank: 11

Known for his relentless Cloud and Sonic gameplay, Japan’s Rei “Komorikiri” Furukawa is once again on the PGR albeit at #12, one rank lower than before. While a drop in rank might make it seem that this season was worse for him, the opposite couldn’t be more true. The efficient, technical playstyle that brought him to the forefront of competitive Smash Wii U last season has since been refined, resulting in an even deadlier threat than before.

It was this season that Komorikiri truly went global. He began travelling out-of-country more frequently in the latter half of the year, finishing 17th at EVO, 5th at 2GGT: Abadango Saga, 3rd at The Big House 6, 1st at Smashdown World and 7th at 2GGT: ZeRo Saga. And as he secured these placings, he gathered wins over the likes of Nairo, Void and Mr. R. When you add into the equation his domestic results, which were as strong as ever, you wouldn’t be wrong to think that 2016 was his best year yet.

2017 marks the start of Komorikiri’s one-and-a-half year break from school. As such, the pressure is on for him to perform well, lest he waste a potential year of studies. If there’s anyone who can make it count though, it’s him. 

- Justin "Popi" Banusing (@PopiSSB)


Photo credit: @2GGLakitu

PGRv1 rank: Unranked

Takuto “Kameme” Ono was one of the most talked about players of the past PGR season, his rapid rate of improvement and quickly growing resume being the reasons for that. Never being the kind of player to be at the top, Kameme always stayed with firing distance, albeit inching closer to 1st place as time went on. With his solid fundamentals, deep bag of mix ups, and one of the deadliest punish games on the planet courtesy of the “Kameme Combo”, he started to win Japan’s larger events with Mega Man, taking out top ranked players and turning the country on its head.

Kameme won Umebura 23 to start the season, defeating Nietono in Winner's Finals and Rain in Grand Finals. After winning the tournament, he stated in an interview that he would not only attend EVO 2016, but that he would win the whole tournament. Narrowly missing his goal of 1st, he placed 2nd behind Ally come time of the event, beating ZeRo, VoiD, and Mr. R during his run. At Umebura S.A.T the following month, Kameme would finish 4th, losing to Dabuz and Nairo, then went on to win another stacked Japanese event at Umebura 25. Kameme returned to the states to compete again for the final Tier 1 events of the year: The Big House 6, UGC Smash Open: St. Louis, and 2GGT: ZeRo Saga, and although his placings tapered off slightly, he was still successful overall, placing 13th at the first two events and 9th at the final one. His impressive performances at Tier 1 events, dominance at Tier 2 events, and equally as impressive wins on top players has made him a household name in the Smash 4 scene, and going into the new season, nothing less should be expected from this Super Fighting Robot.

- Dominique “Dom” Moore (@PG_Dom)







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