Panda Global Rankings v2: 30-21

Mon 16th Jan 2017 - 11:21pm

The Panda Global Rankings v2 from May 2016 to December 2016


#PGRv2 represents the efforts of our @ThePGstats team: Suar, Zan, Dom, Juddy96, Giant, Fyazko, Spike, Mayday, and Popi. 

If you'd like to know how it was created, take a look at the Methods section! Each image was made by KeithTheHuman. Videos were created by Fyazko and False, narrated by Suar and Alpharad. Mobile users may find the imgur album easier. 

PGRv2: 50-41

PGRv2: 41-31

PGRv2: 20-11 (1/18)

PGRv2: 10-1 (1/19)

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Without Further Ado,


Photo credit: @2GGLakitu

PGRv1 rank: 20

The second PGR season marked two things for Wesley “6WX” Alexander: a shift in playstyle and increased consistency. Once known for his highly aggressive Sonic gameplay, the Pennsylvanian changed his style to that of a more controlled one in an effort to better his results. This move ultimately proved to be successful, netting him finishes such as 4th at Shine and 9th at a plethora of other events. 6WX’s revamped playstyle helped him pull wins over top players including Tweek, Mew2King and Ally.

While we won’t be seeing the uber-flashy 6WX as often as before, we’ll definitely be seeing more of him in general.

- Justin "Popi" Banusing (@PopiSSB)


Photo credit: @FeroFotos

PGRv1 rank: Unranked

Louisiana’s Jamaal “Samsora” Morris Jr. showed sparks of brilliance last season but only truly bloomed midway through this one. Boasting what is considered to be the best North American Peach, he sprung into relevancy last August by placing 2nd at Clutch City Clash, eliminating Ally in the process. He soon travelled to more out-of-state tournaments later in the season placing 5th at KTAR XIX and 17th at UGC Smash Open, taking out notable names like ESAM, Mew2King and Dabuz.

Ranked 29th on the PGRank v2, the fact that he’s already on it at this stage of his career shows that the future is bright for this Peach main.

- Justin "Popi" Banusing (@PopiSSB)


Photo credit: @H1_H4TZ

PGRv1 rank: 41

World-renowned Captain Falcon main Griffin “Fatality” Miller from the state of Georgia brought his wild brand of play and one-of-a-kind personality back to the forefront last season, this time with vast improvements in comparison to the first. This past season was very kind to Fatality, granting him placements such as 17th at CEO 2016, 7th at Super Smash Con 2016, 9th at The Big House 6, and 13th at 2GGT: ZeRo Saga. These placings at Tier 1 events also come with respectable Tier 2 placings, most notably 5th at WTFox 2. On his way to achieving these results, he has also managed to lap some remarkable opponents, with names like Marss, Kameme, and Samsora being at the top of his list. Fatality can only be described as a player who is contained chaos, being able to use his main’s mobility to lock the opponent down and capitalize on any mistake- so be sure not to make one while he’s on the hunt.

- Dominique “Dom” Moore (@PG_Dom)


Photo credit: @tischphotos

PGRv1 rank: 14

Eric “ESAM” Lew is a name familiar to most Smash Wii U enthusiasts. Electrifying both in and out of the game, ESAM is the face of competitive Pikachu play and controversial opinions. While he fell into somewhat of a slump early in the season, finishing 17th at CEO and 25th at EVO, how he performed past July more than made up for it.

By moving back to Florida from South Carolina in the latter half of the year, he regained access to the state’s diverse set of competitors and improved as a result. The 6 months following the move marked a return to form, with him placing top 3 at UGC Open and Shine. His recent results, coupled with wins over Nairo and VoiD, show that he isn’t out of the game just yet.

- Justin "Popi" Banusing (@PopiSSB)


Photo credit: @tischphotos

PGRv1 rank: 28

One of the greatest and most iconic Smash players of all time, Jason “Mew2King” Zimmerman (also known as M2K) returns to the PGR for a second year. Known for his complete mastery in Melee and Brawl, Mew2King holds an unrivaled understanding of fundamentals and mechanics in the Super Smash Bros series. Mew2King went through a severe character crisis throughout the middle half of 2015 only to be answered by the release of DLC character Cloud. Cloud’s extremely smooth movement and great advantageous state felt right at home to the series veteran. His play style is very notorious for being almost robotic in the sense that he is almost mechanically and technically perfect. In Smash Wii U, Mew2King is extraordinarily good at limiting and covering the options of his opponent. In the PGR v2 season, most of Mew2King’s best results come from non-tier 1 tournaments including a 5th place finish at Get On My Level 2016, a 2nd place finish at Endgame, a 5th place finish at Shine 2016 and a 3rd place finish at Canada Cup 2016. His placements at majors vary incredibly due to him dropping out of bracket to focus on other events. Mew2King found himself a home aboard professional esports team EchoFox which compliments his other organization that he co-owns, MVG League. The Cloud main sports wins against some of the finest players including ZeRo, Larry Lurr, and Salem. Mew2King’s veteran knowledge and experience make him a threat to anyone in bracket.

- Adam "Mayday" Braham (@PG_Mayday)


Photo credit: @tischphotos

PGRv1 rank: 33

Ever loyal to Pit as a character, Japan’s Tomoyasu “Earth” Yamakawa carried over the title of best Pit from Brawl and hasn’t been contested since. A self-described mentally strong player, his fundamentals and expertise over his character allow him to perform spectacularly in what is considered to be the most competitive region in the world. In 2016 alone, he finished in the top 4 of several Sumabatos -- some of Japan’s most stacked events -- and won the Umebura BenQ ZOWIE Cup. It was at these events where he defeated higher ranked players such as KEN, Kamemushi and 9B, to say a few.

While 2015 was mostly domestic for Earth, 2016 marked his return to the global stage and by all means was it strong. 13th and 9th place finishes at Genesis and EVO respectively showed the scene that the veteran still had it. With Earth set to travel to more international events this year, we might just see a change in the way people view Pit.

- Justin "Popi" Banusing (@PopiSSB)


Photo credit: @2GGLakitu

PGRv1 rank: 30

Likely Maryland’s most popularized name, Marcus “Pink Fresh” Wilson has mained Bayonetta since her release and continues to put in work with the character even after her nerfs. Carrying over his success from early 2016 into the past PGR season, he showed decent outings at the Tier 1 events in that time, with his peak being joint 17th place finishes at both Super Smash Con 2016 and UGC Smash Open: St. Louis, and these placings are backed up by 33rds at CEO 2016, The Big House 6, and 2GGT: ZeRo Saga, and 49th at EVO 2016. His performances in Tier 2 events along with his overall wins speak even further to his prowess, as he stormed from what seemed like out of nowhere to take 1st place at 2GGT: KTAR Saga one week after EVO, then ended the Summer with a 2nd place finish at Glitch 2. In his journey, he has defeated Mr. R, Marss, Tweek, and Mr. E, among many others, effectively earning a spot within the Top 50 and proving his worth once and for all.

- Dominique “Dom” Moore (@PG_Dom)


Photo credit: @2GGLakitu

PGRv1 rank: Unranked

Musician turned veteran Smash player, Rich Brown, makes his first appearance on the PGR and as Panda Global's newest Smash 4 player. Once known for his dominant Olimar in Brawl, Rich Brown carried the character over to Smash Wii U for a sizable portion of 2015. Not finding the same success he found in Brawl with Olimar, Rich made the decision to switch to Mewtwo after launch of the Mewtwo DLC. Mewtwo’s glass cannon style of gameplay complemented Rich’s great prediction and read based gameplay. With the character switch and the ability to travel more in 2016, he sustained great results. Rich now finds himself ranked 6th in one of the strongest regions, Southern California. Rich Brown’s best placings came from a pair of 17th place finishes at Evo 2016 and Super Smash Con 2016, and a 5th place finish at 2GGT: Abadango Saga. He has achieved notable wins over Abadango, Kamemushi, Captain Zack, 6WX, Nairo and Ryuga. Rich Brown has returned to form as a major threat in the PGR v2 season and looks to continue to improve in 2017.

- Adam "Mayday" Braham (@PG_Mayday)


Photo credit: @tishphotos

PGRv1 rank: 24

One of Mexico’s most feared players, Cristian “Hyuga” Medina, wields a phenomenal Toon Link and takes the character to brand new heights with each performance. Despite only being active for under half of the PGR season, his results and wins still stack up to and outdo those of other players. At CEO 2016 he placed 5th, but perhaps his most memorable moment was outside of the game. For his Top 8 entrance, he sported the mask of El Santo, a famous luchador, and wore a Mexican flag on his back during his sets. He continued on to place 25th at EVO 2016, his final Tier 1 event before he announced his retirement, which he has since then rescinded. Hyuga’s runs at Tier 2 events are also something to be respected, as he has placed 4th at 2GGT: Mexico Saga, 3rd at Low Tier City 4, and 2nd at Midwest Mayhem 4, taking out the likes of Ally and Nairo as he sailed to these placings. His methodical yet craft style of play and mastery of adaptation allow Hyuga to show spectators why he is to be feared on the battlefield (or any other legal stage), and grant him the ability to tear farther into stacked brackets than projected.

- Dominique “Dom” Moore (@PG_Dom)


Photo credit: @2GGLakitu

PGRv1 rank: Unranked

One of the biggest success stories in 2016, newcomer Chris “WaDi” Boston makes his first appearance on the PGR. Originally a ROB main known as “WaDiRob”, WaDi found remarkable success transitioning from ROB to Mewtwo. Currently ranked 1st in Virginia, the newfound star Mewtwo player features a very patient and calculated play style with a strong punish game. WaDi ended any doubt about his skill level with a 7th place finish at 2GGT: Abadango Saga and a 13th place finish at The Big House 6. He has proven he can compete with the most elite players by taking sets off some of the strongest veterans including ANTi, Ally, Dabuz, Rich Brown, and Pink Fresh. If 2016 was the beginning for WaDi, 2017 is shaping up to be the year where WaDi transitions to the next level.

- Adam "Mayday" Braham (@PG_Mayday)







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