MidWest Mayhem 5 & Red Bull Battle Grounds

Fri 11th Nov 2016 - 3:06am

The weekend of Nov 4-5 split the Pandas coast-to-coast. With RayRay and FChamp heading to the rainy city for Red Bull Battle Grounds; while Smash 4 players ESAM and MVD flew into Chicago for Midwest Mayhem 5.


Red Bull Battle Grounds: SFV

Red Bull Battle Grounds hosted the Capcom Pro Tour North American Finals in Street Fighter V. Both Panda Global’s Filipino Champ and RayRay were among the 14 players who had qualified for the 16-man grand finale through North American Ranking Events.
FChamp landed in 9th place after losing to Punk’s Karin [2-3] in the first round of Top 16. His Dhalsim then delivered a crushing defeat over Ludovic [3-0], only to fall in the next set versus Ricki Ortiz’s Chun [1-3].
Meanwhile, RayRay found himself in trouble, pitted against Julio Fuentes in the first round of the Top 16. Falling to the Ken player [0-3], our Panda went on to get bested by Alucard [1-3] to take 13th place in the tournament.

Midwest Mayhem 5: Smash 4

ESAM and MVD headed to Chicago, and between celebrating the Cubs’ World Series win they attended the fifth installment of Midwest Mayhem, to compete in Smash 4 singles and doubles.

Needless to say, our seasoned Panda team experienced little contest as they stormed through the doubles bracket. The Cloud-Pika duo entered the Top 8 on the Winners side and straight to Grand Finals: taking the set [3-1] over JJRockets/LOE1.
Both ESAM and MVD entered the singles Top 8 on the Losers side, and ended up going head-to-head in the Losers Semi-Finals, wherein ESAM eliminated MVD [3-2].

ESAM was then bested by Zinoto’s Diddy [1-3], who for his part went on to reset the bracket versus Ned and take the tournament.



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