Key To The PG House - Smash 4

Thu 29th Sep 2016 - 9:46am

Key To The PG House - Smash 4

Over 2000 players from North America and Europe entered Key To The PG House, an online Smash 4 tournament brought to you by Panda Global in conjuction with smashgg. One winner from each region was awarded the grand prize, which includes a free ticket to The Big House 6, as well as the opportunity to compete under Panda Global insignia and a key to stay at the team house for the duration of the event.

North America (Sept 8-11)

Our North American Top 8 included 3 Sonic mains, one of which would persevere to become our champion.


Wrath found himself the last Sonic standing after the other two fell in at 7th place. Booted from the Winners side by Raffi-X (R.O.B) in the Semis [1-3], the tenacious young player had to get the best of Twi [3-2], Zan [3-0] and Scizor [3-2] to earn his rematch with Raffi in the Grand Finals.


After resetting the bracket [3-2], Wrath was able to claim first place with a [3-1] victory -- and, with that, the 15-year-old Sonic main from Georgia earned his ticket to Big House.

An honorable mention goes out to Regi (G&W) for his match versus Cosmos (Lucas) in the Losers bracket. When Cosmos allowed his aggression to get the best of him, Regi delivered a formidable punish, taking his opponent’s last stock in game 3 at 0% with 9 Hammer [2-1].

Europe (Sept 15-18)

Mr. R was a favorite to win the European qualifier, and with good reason: One of the best the region has to offer, the Sheik main took first place with little contest. Panda Global is greatly honored to have him as a representative for the upcoming weekend.


The highlight of the tournament came to us by the hands of ZartZu -- a Little Mac player from Finland -- who made it all the way to the Top 4 with an impressive overthrow of vyQ in the Losers Quarter Finals.


Flustered in game 3, vyQ switched from Mario to Villager: an apt choice considering the match-up advantage it afforded him. However, poised to time out the game, vyQ committed a fatal error in the final seconds when he went high, effectively handing ZartZu the opportunity to take the stock and the set [3-0].


Pack Your Bags

We at Panda Global would like to express our utmost thanks to all those who participated in the tournament, and are looking forward to congratulating our winners first hand at The Big House 6.

Mr R and Wrath will compete alongside Plup, Wobbles, ESAM, MVD and KTH in the exclusive Smash event held Oct. 7-9 at the Edward Hotel in Dearborn, MI. With high-level competition in both singles and doubles, as well a variety of entertaining exhibitions, TBH will be sure live up to its reputation as a go-to event for Smashers worldwide.



Jenna Lorraine

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