Shine 2016 and Absolute Battle 7 Recap

Thu 1st Sep 2016 - 3:47pm

Shine 2016

The Smash scene descended on the beautiful Boston harbour as Shine took over the Seaport World Trade Center August 26-28. Organized with the help of our very own Bear, the seamlessly executed event welcomed three of our Pandas: Plup, Wobbles and ESAM. The weekend would prove to be quite an interesting one as our smashers joined the fray competing for first place in Melee, Smash 4 and 64.

Smash 4


ESAM teamed up with TSM’s ZeRo to form what proved to be a formidable Pika-Diddy alliance. Together they made quick work of the bracket until coming up against Anti (Mario) and Mew2King (Cloud) in Winners Finals. After a 2-3 loss tossed them to the Losers, our team bested Mekos and Mr. R to return for a rematch versus Anti/M2K.


Unfortunately their second stab at this match was an uphill battle. Down 2 games the pair decided to switch to Samus (ESAM) and Shulk (ZeRo), a questionable choice which resulted in a 0-3 loss and second place for our team.


Our favorite Pikachu did not disappoint when it came for his Singles run. After taking out Mew2King [3-2] in the Top 8 Winners, ESAM ran into some trouble with ZeRo’s Diddy in Finals. Although successfully putting on the pressure, ESAM was unable to pin down ZeRo and following a series of close calls our Panda found himself in the Losers bracket [1-3].


ESAM went on to face Dath’s Robin in the Losers Finals. After a rocky start he pulls off an impressive come back taking the match 3-2 and continued on to meet ZeRo yet again in Grand Finals.


ESAM’s final match of the tourney was decidedly not in his favor. In the third game, the Panda switched to Samus -- and was rewarded with his first stock of the match. However, it was already over and ESAM went down [0-3] taking second place.


An overall impressive run for ESAM, and a glimpse of what we can expect to see from this talented player in the future.



Wobbles and Nintendude joined ranks as an Ice Climbers duo, making it to the Top 12 Losers before falling to Westballz (Fox) and Prince Abu (Puff) [0-2] and coming in 9th place.


Plup (Fox) and his partner Mew2King (Sheik) had a very dominant run through their bracket which lead to them effortlessly gliding into first place after besting Shroomed/MacD in both Winners Finals [3-0] and Grands [3-1].


Wobbles and his ICs entered the Top 48 on the Losers side after falling to Zelous5000 [1-2] in round 2 pools. His run came to an end at 17th place after facing-off against Lucky’s Fox [2-3], who went on to be eliminated by fellow Panda Plup.


Plup shook things up at Shine by choosing Fox over his usual main Samus. His loss to SFAT [2-3] had him starting off on the Losers side in Top 8 which resulted in an untimely exit for our Panda after a neck-to-neck battle against Mang0’s Falco left him in 7th place [2-3].

Wait For It

Next up on the Panda Global’s Smash roster’s agenda is Big House 6. Taking over the Edward Hotel & Convention Center, this international Melee and Smash 4 tournament is sure to be a sensation. Remember, you have chance to win a free ride to the event and compete under the Panda Global name in your very own jersey, as well as a multitude of exclusive runner up prizes. Enter the Key to the PG House Smash 4 tournament here. (INSERT YER LINK BRUH)

Absolute Battle 7: MKX, UMvC3 and SFV

Absolute Battle 7 kicked off in Dallas this past weekend (Aug 26-28) for its second time hosting the Killer Instinct KI World Cup, and first year as a stop on the Capcom Pro Tour. Three of Panda Global’s finest made it out to the event: With RayRay and FChamp competing in Street Fighter V and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, while Scar arrived ready to shake things up in Mortal Kombat XL.


RayRay entered the Top 8 on the Winners side, but was promptly booted by Alucard [0-3]. An unfortunate though understandable loss considering his opponent’s use of the shiny new DLC character Balrog -- when it came down to it the Panda was unprepared to face this foe.


Pressing on in the Losers Finals, RayRay’s Chun suffered yet another 0-3 defeat at the hands of NuckleDu’s Mika -- who had made equally quick work of Ricki Ortiz earlier that weekend. NuckleDu went on to reset the bracket and snatch 1st place from Alucard, with RayRay coming in 3rd.


RayRay (Magneto, Dr Doom, Sentinel) took 7th place in Marvel, eliminated [0-3] from the tournament by Terry Bogard (Morrigan, Dante, Strider) in his first round of Top 8 Losers. His struggle to overcome Morrigan’s unique tool set got the best of him once again, as has been the case in the last three majors.


Meanwhile, FChamp (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Phoenix, Magneto/Dormammu/Doctor Doom) was double eliminated by IHeartJustice  (Phoenix Wright/Captain America/Doctor Strange), taking a 2-3 loss in the Winners Finals before fatefully meeting each other once again in the Losers bracket. The match began in Champ’s favor with a 2-0 lead, however the tables promptly turned and IHeartJustice brought it to game 5. Following a neck-to-neck showdown our Champ exited the tournament in 3rd place.


This tournament proved to be no challenge for Scar, as he and his deadly Sonya blazed through the bracket, and -- with his signature flare -- seized first place.


After kicking Ominous to the Losers bracket in Winners Finals [3-2], Scar encountered him once again in the Grand Finals. This time, our Panda decided to bring out his notorious pocket character: Smoke.


Dropping game 1, Ominous decided to switch to Sonya (Black Ops) -- a perilous decision given Scar himself first established Sonya as a tournament threat. Needless to say, the choice proved fatal and Ominous once again swapped characters, this time going for Kung Jin. However, now two games down the switch still failed to do him any favors and he fell to our Panda 0-3.

Up Next

This coming weekend (Sept. 3-5) RayRay and Scar are heading to New Jersey, this time joined by fellow Panda MarlinPie. The three will throw down the gauntlet at East Coast Throwdown in SFV, UMvC3, Mortal Kombat and Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator.



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