Low Tier City 4 : Recap

Tue 21st Jun 2016 - 5:38am


Panda Global’s ESAM, MVD and Wobbles landed in Dallas this past weekend as the fourth edition of Low Tier City set up camp in the Plano center. The event lived up to its name as one of the biggest annual competitions dedicated to the Smash community: luring in the top players from across the country for their tournaments in Melee, Wii U and Project M.

In Wii U singles, ESAM and MVD powered through the bracket before coming up against Hyuga’s Toon Link. Hyuga exhibited an exceptional ability to adapt to his opponents playstyle: honing in on their habits and patiently awaiting his opportunity to flip the game in his favor.

After watching his teammate fall to Hyuga, MVD felt obliged to avenge ESAM in the Winners quarter finals. Unfortunately, after a number of critical fumbles on MVD’s part, Hyuga once again came out on top, sending the second Panda to the Losers bracket.

Meanwhile, ESAM, having fought his way through the Losers bracket, found himself facing-off against Hyuga one more time. The game went remarkably similar to the first, with ESAM picking up the first set only to have Hyuga overthrow him. ESAM ended the tournament in 5th place, while MVD came in 9th.

ESAM and MVD combined forces for the Wii U doubles tournament: making their way to the Winners semis where they suffered a crushing 0-3 defeat at the hands of Trela/Cosmos. Tossed to the Losers bracket, the pair of Pandas gave it their all to win in their match versus Mook/Hyuga. Down 0-2, ESAM switched from Pikachu to Corrin - which turned out to be just what they needed to take the next 3 games and the set.

Next up, our team faced-off against Zero/Nairo in the Losers Finals. The Pandas gave an impressive performance and were able to take their first ever game off this seasoned team, quickly followed by a second. However, it was not enough to secure them the win, as some miscalculations in Game 5 led to an early death for MVD and turned the tables in their opponents’ favor. Zero/Nairo went on to take first place from Trela/Cosmos, and MVD/ESAM grabbed up third for themselves.

ESAM and Wobbles represented Panda Global in Melee singles: making it to the Winners semis and quarter finals respectively before being pitted against each other in the Losers bracket.

The Winners Semis had Wobbles going head-to-head with Mang0: an electrifying match between two highly aggressive players.Despite making a number of significant mistakes the Panda managed to take his share of stocks off the renowned player. After a 2-3 loss he headed on to battle his teammate for his spot in the competition.

While the Panda vs Panda match-up made for a lively game, team kills are always bittersweet. After winning the close 3-2 set against Wobbles, ESAM advanced to the Losers semis with Wizzrobe: whose expertise with the Samus/Fox match-up enabled him to make easy work of ESAM, sending him home with 4th place.

ESAM teamed up with HungryBox for the Melee Doubles, and the duo quickly proved themselves a formidable force as they stormed into the Winners finals versus Mang0/Lucky. Unruffled after a 2-3 loss had them tossed from the bracket, they made quick work of Wizzrobe/Javi and prepared for a rematch with the Fox duo.

In the first set of Grand Finals, ESAM and Hbox maintained unyielding control of the game’s tempo: focusing on splitting up the pair of Foxes and edgeguarding which ultimately enabled them to reset the bracket. However, there was a marked change in Mang0 and Lucky’s gameplay in set 2. With them opting to play it safe and limiting their time off-stage ESAM and HBox’s struggled to find opportunities to take control. Unable to steal first place, our team settled into second.

As yet another thrilling event comes to an end, all eyes turn to Florida as the Pandas prepare for Community Effort Orlando. June 24-46 the Wyndham Orlando Resort will play host to a bevy of tournaments in Street Fighter V, Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator, Mortal Kombat X and Smash Bros. In addition to your usual favorites, Trela will be competing for the first time under the Panda Global banner, in Smash Wii U singles and doubles.




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