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Wed 18th May 2016 - 12:27pm


The Panda Global Rankings are finally live! #PGR represents the efforts of our #PGstats team, @PG_Zan @PG_Suar and @PG_Dom, to discover the top 50 Smash 4 players in the world. We discuss how this was done in the Methods and the FAQ sections. Each image was made by @PG_KTH and blurbs by aspiring writers from the community. 


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X-factor explained: A player’s #PGR is a purely based on tournament placings and set counts. Our team of 48 panelists from around the world (listed in methods) also ranked the players according to personal opinion creating a subjective list. The X-factor is the difference between the final spot on the #PGR and panelist ranking. A +3 X-factor means the panelists ranked a player 3 spots higher than they ended on the #PGR while a -2 means they were 2 spots lower on the panelist ranking. An X-factor of 0 means both the panelist ranking and the #PGR were the same!

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While most Captain Falcons live on the hype, Terry “Tearbear” Winters’ Falcon plays safe, zoning his opponents out with auto-canceled back airs. Despite that, Tearbear can still play to please the crowd, finding ways to use the less popular moves in Falcon’s arsenal to gain the advantage. While he didn’t participate in Apex 2015, he placed 9th at both Paragon L.A. and iBuyPower, while double eliminating Nietono in pools at EVO. In 2016, he had an outstanding showing at 2GGT: FOW Saga, defeating Void and FOW to take 3rd place. He also has taken sets from players like Nietono, Tyrant, Mr. ConCon and LarryLurr, solidifying his #PGR 50th spot.

- Alberto "HyperNova" Vasquez, @S_Hypernova



Justin “Nick Riddle” Lew is one of the strongest players from Florida as he continues to help push his character's metagame alongside Nairo and Marss. Nick Riddle is a very momentum-based player and with a flip that when switched won’t turn off until his opponent is defeated. One of the best US Zero Suit Samus mains, Nick has hit top 8 in a major with CEO2015 but due to his lack of attendance at majors and out-of-state experience, his results can suffer. With big names under his belt like 6wx, ESAM, Hyuga, and MVD, he is definitely a player to look out for in the future.

- Eric “ESAM” Lew, @PG_ESAM




The man who showed that ZeRo could bleed, Joe “Seagull Joe” Raucher flew into the public eye after his victory against the undisputed #1 player at Big House 5. Joe finished 9th at the Midwest supermajor, followed up by 33rd at Genesis 3 and 17th at Pound 2016 for a solid start to the year. As we move into the summer of Smash, Seagull Joe will look to leverage his outstanding Sonic, as well as his new character Diddy Kong, to bolster his tournament resume.

- Kyle "Nightwing" Weis, @nightwing2024




Brett “8bitman” Esposito is, without a doubt, the best R.O.B main in Smash 4. This South Floridan Smasher has accomplished numerous feats, having taken sets off of many players ranked above him. 8bitman has been inactive for a while, but after placing 2nd at the recent Gamers on the Edge and VS tournaments along with an upcoming appearance at TGC8, it is clear that he is back and ready to show the world what he and his Robotic Operating Buddy can do!

- @A10theHero




Perhaps one of the more unknown players on this list, Braedon “Cacogen” Phillips is nonetheless a Sheik with considerable talent. Cacogen has dominated Washington since early 2015 and his skill has translated to the national stage, with 17th place finishes at both Paragon LA and Genesis 3. Look for the talented Cacogen to stay hungry and expand his reach past the rainy confines of Washington when he travels to Super Smash Con later this year.

- Kyle "Nightwing" Weis, @nightwing2024




The best Ike main in the world, Tommy "Ryo" Janky is famous for his short but devastating combos that strike the fear of the greatsword in his opponent's hearts. His greatest achievements in tournaments have been earning second place at Come to Papa and Fusion 3 and he is always viewed as a top threat. As part of Most Valuable Gaming, Ryo has consistent practice (and streams) with talented players such as Mew2King and CherubiknighT, so his blade is never dull. Ryo claims he plays Smash to entertain others, and whether it's through his sense of humor or close sets he certainly accomplishes his goal.

- Jarrod Dyer, @hadron85




Johnnie “MegaFox” Ramon is considered one of the best Fox mains in the United states and a top Texan Smasher. He has some incredible wins on top players such as Dabuz, Zinoto, and MVD, and has solid placings with 13th at PAX Area, 17th at MLG Finals 2015 and a 1st place at TGC 7. Despite Megafox’s clear bursts of skill, he’s held back mostly by his inability to travel often to test his skill at the national level. He could become a contender with time, and with his incredibly high X-factor it seems that everyone knows Megafox is a player to watch for the future.

- @LayZBluJay




He’s a super fighting robot from the year 20XX, here to save the world from the evil of the top tiers. Andrew “ScAtt” Huntley burst onto the scene and into our hearts at the first Smash N Splash, showing even in the early metagame, his blue bomber was not to be overlooked. Hailing from Georgia, Andrew “ScAtt” Huntley surprised many at MLG 2015, reaching Top 8 by ousting Static Manny in spectacular fashion. ScAtt also snagged a fourth place finish at LVL UP Expo, partially by showcasing his new secondary Cloud alongside his world’s best Megaman.

- Kyle "Nightwing" Weis, @nightwing2024




A Greninja main heralding from the Netherlands, Dennis “iStudying” Kwarteng is widely considered the best Greninja solo main today. He leaped onto the scene at BEAST 6 and defied expectations as he powered through Top 8 of losers bracket, knocking notable players like MVD and ESAM out of the tournament. Capturing the imagination of the Smash 4 audience, he’s started to travel more and making a splash in the Smash 4 metagame.

- Lyle "Dozer" Jorgenson, @DozerZigashi




Pointed out at Super Smash Con 2015, Griffin “Fatality” Miller bears a striking resemblance to his character both in looks and in style. Fatality utilizes an aggressive offstage game combined with the on-stage mindgames allowed by Falcon’s speed to suffocate and befuddle opponents. Recently sponsored by True AmBition, Fatality should have an exciting year to match the hype that is his Captain Falcon.

- Kyle "Nightwing" Weis, @nightwing2024





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