Smash Summit 2 Recap

Thu 28th Apr 2016 - 11:44pm


The end of April was marked by Smash Summit 2, the second installment of the exclusive event hosted by Beyond the Summit through  April 21-24. Three players from Panda Global were among the 16 present for the invite-only tournament.

The four day event was once again held at the private residence of the Summit Gaming House and was thus closed to the general public. PG’s Plup was among the top 10 melee players invited by organizers, while ESAM and Wobbles were voted in by fans.

The two first days featured side events including a shared controller tournament, the Iron Man challenge and a draft crew battle; while the final two were reserved for doubles and singles melees.

All three of Panda Global’s players were drafted by Hungrybox for the crew battle, forming the team PandaBox which secured second place in the initial bracket coming in behind team Armada, made up of  Armada, Ice, SFAT and Shroomed.

Controversy raged on Reddit following ESAM’s inclusion in the tournament, with many in the community protesting that as a Smash 4 player he did not deserve the nomination. However, ESAM proved his worth when he took out Armada - the #1 ranked melee player - twice during the draft crew battle.

Wobbles incited his share of drama when, becoming frustrated while battling Ice in the draft crew side event, he punched a hole in the wall. The house staff graciously accepted his apologies and Wobbles offered to repair the damage immediately. He likewise expressed his remorse for losing his temper on Twitter, while KPOP tweeted assuring fans that there was no animosity between them.

Overall, the team’s performance at the Summit was formidable. Plup, the star of Panda’s melee squad, placed 5th in singles and 2nd in doubles when paired up with fellow Floridian and frequent teammate Hungrybox. Meanwhile, all three players conquered as part of team PandaBox, taking first place in the Smash Olympics crew battle tiebreaker dethroning team Armada.


Written by Jenna Lorraine

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