North East Championships 17 & Don’t Park On The Grass recap

Fri 30th Dec 2016 - 8:08am

NEC & Don’t Park On The Grass

Panda Global closed off 2016 with one last tournament packed weekend: Scar, RayRay, Coach Steve and MarlinPie took over NEC 17, while ESAM and MVD representing the Pandas in Seattle at Don’t Park On The Grass.



Scar once again dominated in Mortal Kombat: Storming through the Winners bracket and straight into the Grand Finals -- even taking out Montreal’s Hayatei (Ronin) [3-1] who had succeeding in sending the legendary SonicFox to Losers.


After a rematch with Hayatei, SonicFox faced-off against our Panda in a familiar Grand Finals, with an interesting twist with both of the well versed players opting for a Tri-Borg variation: Fox playing Sektor versus Scar’s Smoke.


The reigning champ reset the bracket [3-0], going on to snatch up 1st place with a second [3-1] victory; and Scar came in 2nd place.



In Marvel, RayRay fell in the first round of Winners Top 16 to Babghanoush; continuing on the Losers side, besting KPB Prodigy who had been sent to the Losers by fellow Panda Coach Steve.

Unfortunately, RayRay’s run was cut short by JoeyD (Zero, Dr. Doom, Vergil) who eliminated him at 7th place [2-3].

Coach Steve

Coach Steve had a successful weekend, coming in 5th place in both KOF14 and UMvC3.


He entered the Marvel Top 16 on in Winners alongside his teammate RayRay, making it to the semi-finals before succumbing to EG’s K-Brad (Trish, Vergil, Dante) [2-3]. Tossed to the Losers, Coach was then eliminated by Cosmos (Morrigan, Dr. Doom, Vergil) [2-3].



MVD entered the Top 8 on the Winners side only to fall to DKwill [2-3] in the first round. Up against Big D in the Losers bracket, MVD was down 2-1 when he turned the tables on D’s Mario to take the set [3-2]. Our Panda found himself out in 4th place after losing to Exodia’s Zero Suit Samus [2-3] in the Losers Semis.


ESAM was off to a rockier start to the weekend than his teammate, entering the Top 48 on the Losers after losing to Snickeldorf.[0-2]. He made it through the bracket and into the Losers Top 8, only to succumb to fellow Pikachu main Captain L from Vancouver [0-3], Canada for 9th place.


ESAM/MVD demonstrated their usual prowess in doubles: Gliding into the Top 12 on the Winners side, where again they experienced little trouble until the Winners Finals vs. Firefly/Big D. The Yoshi/Mario team put our Pandas to the test, prompting MVD to switch from Cloud to Diddy for Game 5 to close the set [3-2].


The same adversaries returned for the Grand Finals, but our Pandas were more than prepared -- securing first place with a [3-0] victory.





Jenna Lorraine

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