Panda Global Enters Gears of War 4

Wed 7th Dec 2016 - 7:08pm


Panda Global Enters Gears of War 4

Panda Global takes the plunge into Gears of War 4, signing a brand new five-man roster just in time for the Gears Esports Pro Circuit.

"Panda Global is excited to join the Gears of War 4 scene as our first competitive shooter. Gears will always hold a special place in my heart as my first Xbox 360 game and for its tournaments at many FGC events such as Winterbrawl. This group of players embodies the passion, grit and sacrifice it takes to make it to the top, and I'm glad to be a part of their journey through the Pro Circuit."
- David Wu, Panda Global Co-founder


The newly formed roster brings together three former members of team VexX, Drix from Orbit and Ko of NRG.

Glenn “iiNK” McCollum  @PG_iiNK

Our Team Manager has an impressive resume: having previously managed JusTus Pro and director of ElevateGG, and worked with a myriad of top players, including Nastty, Ribs, Crushmo, Noxious, and Xcells.


Ben “Strangulate” Laird @strangulateftw

Panda Global’s team captain, Strangulate is one of the best GoW players in the world who recently came out of retirement. He is a former member of the most dominant GoW 3 team, Synergy, with whom he won three majors.


Bobby “Phenomxnon” Kenny  @Phenomxnon_

Phenomxnon, also known as Phenom, first entered the competitive scene back in 2006. After taking a brief hiatus, he has returned in full force and is eager to regain his former dominance.


Alec “Shock” Collins. @PG_Shock

Shock is brand new to the competitive scene, having attended his first LAN MLG Columbus Open with VexX Gaming.


Demarco “Drix” Gaines @obeydrix.

Drix was a longtime member of Loyalty, until he branched out and secured fourth place with XGN at the Gears Final UE LAN tournament. He placed Top 16 at MLG Columbus in GOW4 with Orbit, and is now reuniting with former teammate Ko under Panda Global.


Frank “Ko” Tibbs @ko_tfg

On loan from NRG, Ko started playing competitive GOW3 and has honed his skill as an incredible Slayer: scoring over 40 kills a game at MLG Columbus. Drix and Ko’s first experience as teammates saw them place 3rd at MES Detroit during; followed by 4th place at last year’s MLG Columbus.


The team is headed to London this coming weekend (Dec. 10-11) for the second stop on the $1 million Gears Pro Circuit, held at the Gfinity Arena & Studios. The tournament will feature the most international cross-play the scene has ever experienced: with 32 teams coming together from North America, Latin America, Europe and Oceania to compete for a $150,000 prize pool.


“I know the team and myself are very excited for this opportunity to represent Panda Global. We have a team of very talented players who are all hungry and ready to win,” affirmed Glenn McCollum, adding that he’s confident in the team’s ability to make a name for themselves under the Panda Global banner.




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