Smash Summit 3

Mon 28th Nov 2016 - 8:28pm

The third edition of the Smash Summit tournament series, brought to you by Beyond The Summit, kicked off Nov 3-6. Panda Global was honored to have Plup included among the 16 invitees at the exclusive event held at the Summit Gaming House in Los Angeles, California. 

Plup had a difficult singles run. After beating Axe and PewPewU he lost to Armada [0-3] to end his Winners side run. The Panda used both Sheik and Fox for the Peach match-up; but building frustrations saw Plup moreorless forfeiting the last stock of each game. Then in the Losers bracket, Plup faced-off versus Mang0, taking one game before signing off in 5th place [1-3].

Our Panda teamed up with HungryBox for doubles to form PlupBox. The duo were tossed to the Losers bracket in the first round by Swedish House Mafia (Leffen/Mafia) [2-3]. They went on to dominate team n0ballz (n0ne/Westballz) [3-0] and advanced to face HBJ (Mang0/S2J) in Losers Round 2.
After taking a close first game, PlupBox lost the proceeding two matches but made a resounding comeback in game 4 to even the score once again. Unfortunately, game 5 went far less in their favor and the Panda-Liquid team was stopped abruptly at 5th place.
As for the side events, Plup and The Moon formed team *screeching* for the Blind Man Challenge, placing first after taking down HBox/SFAT, S2J/Mafia and Duck/Shroomed; and Plup came in 2nd to Mang0 in the Rivals of Aether tournament after losing a close [2-3] set.


Jenna Lorraine

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