BlizzCon - WoW Arena

Fri 11th Nov 2016 - 3:05am

The Top 8 World of Warcraft Arena teams descended on the Anaheim Convention Center in California for the final stretch of the WoW Arena Championships, held at BlizzCon 2016

During Opening Week, on Friday Oct 28, Panda Global competed in their first matches of the tournament, going up against Longzhu Gaming and NG’s Blue team.
Longzhu Gaming arrived at BlizzCon with a significant disadvantage -- missing their leader and top player, Coding, who had been called for mandatory military service the week prior to the competition. While the Korean team gave it their all, it wasn’t enough to supersede the Pandas who took the set 3-0.
Panda Global advanced to face Northern Gaming’s European team in the Group A Winners match later that afternoon. A brutal series of Mage, Rogue, and Holy Paladin mirror matches resulted in a 0-3 loss for our Pandas, tossing them to the Losers side for the upcoming weekend.
The following Friday, Nov 4, Panda Global squared off with Tempo Storm in an identical mirror match they had lost against NG Blue. While ultimately the Pandas were unable to secure the win, the set was not without its share of drama: The final match saw a series of cross-kills whittle the teams down to a 1v1 -- with Panda Global’s Wealthyman (Mage) challenging Tempo Storm’s Pikaboo (Rogue).
Defeated yet again [0-3], Panda Global’s BlizzCon run was cut short and they settled into 5th place.


Jenna Lorraine

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