Panda Global signs BlizzCon bound WoW Arena team

Sun 23rd Oct 2016 - 5:49am

WoW Arena Announcement

Panda Global is excited to announce that we have signed a roster of top World of Warcraft Arena competitors. Previously Northern Gaming’s team Black, these four outstanding players  have demonstrated their exceptional command of the game, qualifying for the World Championship at BlizzCon 2016 where they will compete for the first time under the Panda banner.

An Extensive History, And A Bright Future

WoW Arena has a long history in esports: Having made its debut back in 2008, it has been a main feature at Blizzard Entertainments gaming convention ever since. Over the past eight years, the PvP version of the popular title has successfully garnered the attention of influential third party organizers, including the Electronic Sports League (ESL), Major League Gaming (MLG) and Starladder.

Already a staple at many tournaments throughout the world, WoW Arena is celebrated annually at BlizzCon, where the Top 8 teams from around the globe compete for a hefty $250k prize pool and the title of World Champions.


"Panda Global is excited to bring World of Warcraft into the fold. Even with it's long history, competitive Arena mode is still a vibrant and growing scene with a passionate fanbase. This team headed by Rubcub has not only been successful at the highest levels but is filled with talented and driven players. We can't wait to see what they can do at BlizzCon this year!"
- Alan Bunney


Meet The Team


Andrew 'Rubcub' Woods

Ethan 'CMG' Gibeaut

Kyle 'Jax' Keller

Marcel 'Wealthyman' Rodriguez  

"After a long journey to Blizzcon representing an organization that failed to treat our team professionally throughout our relationship with them, we are happy to be joining Panda Global - an organization that we see eye-to-eye with, and has shown nothing but professionalism and understanding in the short time that we've been in contact with them. We have high hopes for Blizzcon and our extremely happy to be representing Panda Global."


Paving The Road To BlizzCon

The team successfully grappled through two qualifying rounds for their spot in the finals: First securing second place in their Road to BlizzCon NA qualifier back in June, to advance on to the Americas Regionals -- held at the MLG Esports Arena in Columbus earlier this month.

They once again came out in 2nd place after going head-to-head with the 5 other qualifying US teams, as well as two additional teams from Latin America and Australia/New Zealand -- earning them a share of the $100k prize pool and their coveted position among the Top 8 teams in the world at the upcoming championships.

These eight international teams will clash during the opening week of BlizzCon 2016, with Panda Global’s first match set for Oct. 28 at 12 pm PDT against China’s Longzhu Gaming. The tournament will continue on the main stage on Friday, Nov 4, with a best-of-five format determining who will advance to Saturday’s Grand Finals.

Prepare For Battle


Panda Global’s newest recruits are well positioned to take the tournament by storm. They were the first to qualify for Blizzcon, and have only dropped one since the launch of Legion (the latest WoW patch). With their minds in the game and a new organization supporting them, there’s no limit as to what we can expect to see from Team Panda Global at BlizzCon.

First team into winners finals - first to qualify for BlizzCon

ALL teams advance to stage -- first round on Oct 28th, rest of matches on 4th, grands on 5th.





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