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Thu 28th Apr 2016 - 10:25am : Gaming

Hi Friend!

Thanks for showing interest in Panda Global (PG) Assets. From time to time we'll upload Brand assets, desktop backgrounds and whole lot of cool things for our Fans and Partners. 

You can find them here at http://panda.gg/files .

Currently Availible for Download is:

2016 Logo Set

Wobbles Summit Desktop Background



Guidelines for Use:

  • Link us and tweet us your cool projects. We love seeing community creations!
  • For personal use only. Please contact us for commercial use as we do have previous agreements and no one wants to involve lawyers
  • Please use appropriately in the spirit of PG's brand and image. 
  • Don't be misleading. We know its the internet, but let's try to stay civilized.

Panda Global reserves all rights to PG Brand Assets and the assets will remain solely the property of Panda Global. 




David Wu

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